Frequently asked questions

Choosing your ad size, term and area

How to choose between different ad sizes and term options
You decide according to your budget and advertising needs. Have a look at the various sizes and keep these points in mind:

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  1. Larger ads tend to attract more attention, simply due to the size of the advert. Some readers will make the assumption that you are successful and established, thereby choosing you between all the competitors with smaller sized ads
  2. However, we always recommend that you choose an ad size that is affordable for you over the longer term. Rather book a smaller ad, but advertise repetitively, at least for 6 or 12 months. The longer you advertise, the better your response will be – we call it the snowball-effect
  3. Lastly it also depends on the amount of information you would like to share with the readers. Ask your agent or the designers at Rietmark for advice if you’re not sure which ad size will best complement your needs

    PS. The longer you advertise, the cheaper your monthly account. You receive a discount if you advertise for 6 or 12 months instead of three. We really believe longer term advertising is the best option, so we're offering you the lowest prices for 12 month periods

In which area should I advertise?
You may choose to advertise in any area or a combination of areas – Pretoria Moot, North, East or Centurion. We print 20000 booklets per area, making the total monthly distribution 80000. A few pointers to help you decide:

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  1. Your budget. If you’ve just started your business and still have a small budget for advertising, rather start in one preferred area. As your business and cash flow grows, you can expand to the other areas as well
  2. Decide who and where your target market is. If you’re only catering for your immediate neighbourhood, advertise in your own area. If your business already has a wider footprint, or if you want to grow your business in more areas, have a look at our distribution map and decide which areas you would like to target
  3. Uniqueness of your product – how far will people be willing to drive to get access to your product, shop or service?
  4. Cost of travelling (petrol, toll fees and time). For instance, how willing are you to drive to another area for delivering of quotes, sales or back-up services?

Do I receive a discount if I advertise in more than one area?
Yes, you receive discounts if you decide to advertise in more than one area:

  1. Advertise in 2 areas – receive 5% discount
  2. Advertise in 3 areas – receive 10% discount
  3. Advertise in 4 areas – receive 12.5% discount

Quotes and Contracts

How does the quote form work?
As soon as you’ve decided which of the options you’re choosing, the Rietmark agent or office will assist you in filling out the quote form

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Please supply all requested details for capturing on our bookkeeping system. If you received the quote form via e-mail or fax, please fill it in, sign the acceptance of our quote, and e-mail or fax it back to us. As soon as you and the Rietmark representative signed the quote, it serves as a contract between you and Rietmark

When is the cut-off dates for new ads or renewals?
Rietmark regularly publishes the cut-off dates, to make your planning easier
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  1. The yearly planner is published in all the January editions of Rietmark
  2. Every month we publish the dates for the next month, usually in the index of each printed Rietmark booklet
  3. The monthly cut-off dates for the whole year are available on our website
  4. As soon as you are on our e-mail database, you will receive a monthly Rietmark newsletter with the relevant cut-off dates

How do I renew my ad?
Your Rietmark agent will call you during the last month of your contract, to hear if you would like to renew your ad

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With renewal you can make your ad size bigger, smaller or simply keep it the same. If you don’t receive the call when expected, please contact your agent or the Rietmark office before the cut-off date of the month that you would like to renew

Am I allowed to cancel my ad?
We understand that life and business is an ever-changing landscape, and perhaps you need to cancel your contract with Rietmark

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Please give us written notice before the next cut-off date, and we will cancel the contract by billing you with a one month cancellation fee

Design and layout

Who will design my ad and what do you need?
The designers at Rietmark will design an ad for you, free of charge. We need the following from you – please send to us via your Rietmark agent, fax or e-mail

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  1. Your logo and any images that you would like to use in your ad. Preferably supplied in JPEG, PDF, Corel 14 or Word-format. Otherwise a clear printed copy that we will scan for use in your ad
  2. Wording for a striking heading, content and call to action
  3. Please confirm the size of your ad, and the name of your agent
  4. Supply us with an e-mail address or fax number so that we can send you a proof for approval before sending the booklets to the printers
  5. You are more than welcome to send us your own designed ad. You will find the exact ad sizes in our rate card. Preferably supply in JPEG, PDF, Corel 14 (convert to curves) or otherwise Word-format

How to write an ad to make money
Ensure that your advert is the appropriate size for the impact you want to create. The smaller your advertising space, the less information you can include

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Remember that like any other investment, a good advert should make you money

  1. Draw attention. Grab the reader’s attention with your headline. Make sure it answers the question “what’s in it for me?” to attract people to read on
  2. Show the benefits. Take your answer to “what’s in it for me?” further by explaining how your product or services will help them. Excite the readers with the benefits. Most people want something that will make their lives better, save them money, advance their business, etc
  3. Provide proof. You have to make people believe the benefits you have stated. Don’t just say your product is good, explain how. You could even add testimonials from satisfied customers. Always state the facts from the customer’s viewpoint
  4. Persuade. Give people a reason to grab the opportunity. You can also include an appealing offer to prompt quick action. Further the offer by making it valid for a limited time or in a limited quantity. Research shows that offering a guarantee also does increase sales
  5. Call for action. Do not overlook this important aspect of your advert. Sometimes people need to be told what to do. Push them to act now!
  6. General design. Make the advert attractive by using pictures, sub-headings, bullet points and short sentences in a language suitable for your target market

Am I allowed to make regular changes to my ad?
We encourage all our advertisers to make monthly or regular changes to their ads. It keeps Rietmark more interesting, vibrant and relevant for our readers

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Since it is a FREE service, why not give us a call before the next cut-off date? Tell the Rietmark readers about what’s happening in your business, your latest special offers or even give them some handy tips. Become known as the expert and leader in your industry

Will I receive a proof to sign off before placement?
The designers at Rietmark will send you a proof of your ad before placement. Expect the proof in the week after the cut-off date

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Please reply with any corrections, changes or approval within the next 24 hours. At this time of the month, the office is really busy – so please be patient, and make swift replies on any queries from the designer’s side. We would like your ad to be perfect and ready for printing as soon as possible

When would you like info for my new ad or any changes?
All new ads and monthly changes must be sent to the office by the relevant cut-off dates to ensure correct placement in the next issues of Rietmark

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After the cut-off date we cannot guarantee that we will still be able to place your new ad, or that there will be time to make the requested changes

Can I ask that my ad will be in the same spot every month?
No, except if you have a contract for specific placement on the front page, back page or page 3

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For the rest of the Rietmark, the monthly lay-out is done from scratch, according to various categories: Editorial – Food and Festivals – Be Creative – Children – Fitness and Health – Beauty – Medical – Home and Garden – Finance and Business. To be fair to all advertisers, we rotate the categories every three months. Thus, during the course of your contract, you will find yourself in the front, middle or back of the Rietmark booklets

Why is my ad not placed on top of my category in the Index?
The Index is another FREE service for our advertisers, making it much easier for readers to find your business in the Rietmark booklets

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The Index is sorted according to categories, but under the various categories, all the advertisers are sorted alphabetically. The main categories used in Rietmark include the following: Editorial – Food and Festivals – Be Creative – Children – Fitness and Health – Beauty – Medical – Home and Garden – Finance, Legal and Business


Can I pay on a monthly basis for my ads?
Rietmark makes your payments as flexible as possible. You are welcome to pay on a monthly basis for your ads. However, if you would like to pay upfront for the full term of your contract, we will give you 5% discount

When must I pay for my ads?
All ads are payable in advance, which means that you must pay for your ad before the monthly cut-off date to ensure your space in the next issue of Rietmark. Please send proof of payment to accounts@rietmark.co.za or fax to 086 630 5226

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For your convenience, Rietmark regularly publishes the cut-off dates:

  1. The yearly planner is published in all the January editions of Rietmark
  2. Every month we publish the dates for the next month, in the index of each printed Rietmark booklet
  3. The monthly cut-off dates for the whole year are available on our website
  4. As soon as you are on our e-mail database, you will receive a monthly Rietmark newsletter with the relevant cut-off dates

Do I receive tax invoices and statements?
A tax invoice for the following month's ad will be posted or sent to your e-mail address around the 25th of each month ...

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For accurate capturing of your payments, please use your customer number as reference or the name of your business as captured on your Pastel invoice. Statements will be sent to all customers around the 7th of each month. Contact us if your records differs from ours

How can I pay for my ads?
Rietmark offers a variety of options for payment of your ads

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  1. Payment by debit order. Simply fill in the debit order authorization at the bottom of the quote form, and Rietmark will do the rest via our service provider, Netcash
  2. Electronic or bank transfers into the account of Kiepersol Grafika t/a Rietmark. The bank details will appear at the bottom of your monthly tax invoices
  3. Payment by cash or credit card at our office, or arrange such payments with your Rietmark agent

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